With over a decade of experience in the rebar industry and a renowned commitment to quality service, Advenser provides integrated rebar services to our clients. Our comprehensive offerings include rebar estimation and detailing services, with competencies extending to project change orders, rebar project management, and conflict resolution. For added exclusivity, we provide on-demand access to a dedicated rebar detailer or an entire team of detailers, available for both off-site and onsite projects. Our one-stop solution seamlessly integrates BIM services for enhancing project efficiency, whether your project requires immediate estimation or drawings, or your multi-phased rebar project requires experienced detailers.

We offer you the following benefits:

  • Gives a better idea of rebar arrangement before erection eliminating possible clashes
  • Generates optimum bar bending schedule or cutting schedule
  • Maximize savings by reducing wastage of resources
  • Enables faster completion of structural part of the building
  • Better coordination among different professionals involved in the project

Our services include

Rebar Shop Drawings

Bar Bending Schedules

Masonry Detailing

Retaining Walls Detailing

Foundation Detailing

Rebar Estimation

3D Rebar Modeling

Shear wall Detailing

Concrete Stair Detailing

Quantity take-offs

Footings detailing

Grade beam detailing

Rebar detailing with shop drawings