Rebar Detailing Services


Rebar detailing of a bridge
As a rebar detailing company, Advenser is capable of handling more than 1,000 tons of rebar detailing each month. Our company has been providing rebar detailing services for more than a decade in accordance with industry standards, including but not limited to AASHTO, ACI, ASTM, BS, CRSI and RSIO. We offer shop drawings, detailing, drafting and estimating services for concrete contractors, designers, detailers, general contractors, rebar engineers, rebar erectors, rebar fabricators, subcontractors, and rebar installers.

Know About Our Rebar Detailing Team

Advenser uses the cutting-edge CAD technology and has 200+ years of combined experience to handle any rebar projects of any size.  Our team creates detailed rebar drawings which often stand out when compared with our competitors.  Rebar drawings at Advenser are so detailed that our contractors use them to visualize the structure.  These detailed drawings simplify the task of iron workers, as they know when and where to place each segment.  Thousands of testimonials from content clients speaks out about our rebar detailing team.Our team creates shop drawings for reinforcing steel placement. To meet the specific project requirements of our clients, rebar detailers at Advenser figures bends, shapes, and lap splices.  To meet your project schedule, our team defines the rebar placing sequence. Any buildability issues are tackled prior to bending or shearing of the first rebar.  With us, you never have to worry about the reliability of the drawings.  Accurate drawings are our specialty and we make it a priority when it comes to customer service.

What Our Rebar Detailing Team Can Do For You

  • 3D modeling of Rebar using Tekla structures
  • As-built drawings
  • Bar bending schedules
  • Bar listing in ASA format
  • C/S of beams and columns
  • Concrete joint and slab details
  • Concrete masonry detailing
  • Footing detailing
  • Foundation details
  • Grade beam detailing
  • l/s of beams and columns
  • Quality take-offs
  • Rebar 2D & 3D modeling
  • Rebar detailing, drawing, estimating and
    3D modeling
  • Rebar shop drawings
  • Retaining walls detailing
  • Roof truss and joint details
  • Total rebar estimation
  • Or simply specify your requirement

Why Us for Rebar Detailing

There are several reasons to choose Advenser for your rebar detailing and shop drawings tasks. We have been offering our service to worldwide AEC industry for over a decade. The uniqueness of our expertise is in providing standard quality, on-time delivery, and a blend of integrative engineering skills. The key differentiators that set us apart from our competitors are:

  • Rebar Domain Knowledge: Rich industry experience with design document interpretation ability, principles, concepts of reinforcing elements, and rebar detailing codes.
  • Detailing Expertise: In-depth knowledge on detailing methods and techniques used for rebar detailing, which includes how the components are connected with each other and how they act together from a plethora of BIM and detailing projects.
  • Drawing Standards: Experience and expertise in rebar detailing software including CAD guidelines, standards, and conventions for various systems including sheet naming, drawing sequence, sizes and layout.
  • Rebar Detailing Code: Understanding and adherence to rebar detailing codes AASHTO, ACI, ASTM, BS, CRSI and RSIO.
  • Delineation: A flair and aptitude of how line weights, lettering, the proportionality of drawn objects, and relationships between drawing elements both individually and collectively reflect the overall clarity of a drawing.
  • Infrastructure: Reputation for reliability, quality, timeliness and strict client confidentiality.
  • Communication Skills: Easy verbal & written communication skills enabling a smooth coordination with client personnel.

Added Advantages

Rebar detailing services